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Schoolies Reimagined

Make Schoolies Meaningful


Do something different, make a difference. Celebrate with a purpose.


Ready for adventure beyond your wildest imagination? Reimagine where your Schoolies celebrations might take you! Fiji? Nepal? Cambodia? Why not?! Leave behind the beaten path, get lost, find yourself. 🎒✈️️


This is EXACTLY what Schoolies is all about. 🙌 You’ve made it through some of the toughest academic years of your life and it’s time to relax, destress and have some fun. For us, this means soaking in some rays on pristine, white sand beaches in Fiji, throwing up a shaka 🤙while you hang 10 on the North Coast or breathing in the crisp mountain air as you watch the sunrise over the Himalayas. You get the picture.


The more we give, the happier we feel. Simple as that. Does it get any better than the win-win of helping someone else out AND feeling great about yourself?! In a world where mass tourism is destroying some of the most precious places and cultures on the planet, how you impact the places you travel to is deeply important. Get on board with giving back.

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